Our School

School Complex no. 2 in Ostrzeszów, named after Polish Norwegian – Friendship, has been providing educational services continuously since 1972. The school complex has been modernized and adapted both to the requirements and the needs of the local labor market. As a result, new fields of specialization have been created in order to provide students with adequate education in various professions.

Since 1972, 8000 have graduated from the school. There are many significant surnames among the graduates who hold distinctive and professional degrees of scientific knowledge in the field of polytechnics, humanities, arts, military, and education. The school’s graduates perform important functions in the local administration, education and government. Moreover, they are good professionals, managers and business owners, as well. Currently, in our school there is a highly qualified teaching staff and 700 students who are pleased to receive professional education in the fields they are interested in. The students have the opportunity to learn and develop their professional skills in the following types of schools:

  • Secondary School of General Education (3 years of education):
    • The field of Computer Science and Foreign Languages
    • The field of Biology and Chemistry Science with Cosmetology and Health Promotion
    • The field of Tourism and European Science
  • Technical Secondary School (4 years of education):
    • Information Technology Technician
    • Mechatronics Technician
    • Mechanic Technician
    • Logistics Technician
    • The Technician in the field of Devices and Systems for Renewable Power Energy
    • Agriculture Technician
    • Landscape Architecture Technician
    • The Technician in the field of Human Nutrition and Catering Services
    • Rural Tourism Technician
  • Basic Vocational School (3 years of education):
    • Vehicle Mechanic
    • Multi-occupational school

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